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Associate of Science in Cybersecurity


Associate of Science in Cybersecurity


2 years



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国际电子商务顾问委员会(EC-Council)和hth华体会合作推出了网络安全副学士学位和选修课程,这些课程与EC-Council认证考试相一致:认证道德黑客(CEH), Certified Network Defender (CND) and Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU). 由于这种合作关系,荣获ec理事会2019年学术卓越奖, 该课程旨在帮助您开发解决问题的技能和技术,以保卫网络领域.

  • Protect all assets of a computer infrastructure in the cyber domain

  • 解释安全风险评估并总结漏洞缓解计划

  • 概述技术问题,总结解决这些问题的计算需求





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hth华体会的基础学习. 学生为实现教育目标制定个人策略,培养批判性思维技能, collaboration, 和沟通.","title":"Foundations for University Success"},{"name":"PSY/110","description":"Psychology of Learning","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程介绍心理学的理论和概念,将促进学术成功,并为学生提供综合和应用知识的机会.","title":"Psychology of Learning"},{"name":"ENG/110","description":"English Composition I","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"这门课程拓展了阅读, writing, 批判性思维技能对于学术和生活的成功至关重要.","title":"English Composition I"},{"name":"HUM/115","description":"Critical Thinking in Everyday Life","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"Students learn how to think critically, focusing on developing the necessary tools and skills to analyze problems, make decisions, and formulate well-supported points of view on key academic, social, 以及专业问题.","title":"Critical Thinking in Everyday Life"},{"name":"ENG/210","description":"English Composition II","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course extends practice in critical reading, writing, and thinking. 重点是发展一个有效的写作过程,考虑到观众和修辞的目的.","title":"English Composition II"},{"name":"SCI/163T","description":"Elements of Health and Wellness","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程提供全面健康的关键组成部分的概述. 基于一个预防模型, 该课程将允许学习者探索促进健康的选择,目标是活得更长、更好.","title":"Elements of Health and Wellness"},{"name":"CYB/100","description":"Cyber Domain","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程定义了网络领域,包括网络安全作为确保计算机信息和通信系统安全的学科, networks, 基础设施和资产, 保护它们不受损害, unauthorized use, modification, or exploitation. The Cyber Domain must be managed ethically, politically, and physically in a similar collaborative fashion to the space, maritime, and physical domains of states and nations globally.","title":"Cyber Domain"},{"name":"MTH/219T","description":"Introduction to College Algebra","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程介绍代数概念,为大学代数打下坚实的基础. Topics range from properties of real numbers, 操作顺序, and algebraic expressions to solving equations and inequalities. Additional topics include polynomials, 因式分解方法, rational and radical expressions as well as graphing and functions.","title":"Introduction to College Algebra"},{"name":"MTH/220T","description":"College Algebra","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course presents traditional concepts in college algebra. 主题包括线性, polynomial, rational, radical, exponential and logarithmic functions, 方程组, sequences, and series.","title":"College Algebra"}],"defaultCoreCourseList":[{"name":"CYB/110","description":"Foundations of Security","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程提供全面的网络安全意识和对各种计算机和网络安全威胁的基本理解, 例如:身份盗窃, Fraud, Online Scams, 病毒和后门, Hacking, 社会工程攻击, and more.","title":"Foundations of Security"},{"name":"CYB/120","description":"Computer Network Defense Part 1","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides network training on Computer Network Defense fundamentals; security threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks; controls, protocols and devices; and security policy design and implementation.","title":"Computer Network Defense, Part 1"},{"name":"CYB/130T","description":"Object-Oriented Scripting Language","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程教授能够开发web应用程序的面向对象脚本语言的基础知识, scripts, 跨平台应用程序, games, 还有笔试练习.","title":"Object-Oriented Scripting Language"},{"name":"CYB/135","description":"Object-Oriented Security Scripting","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"Students reinforce foundational skills, 并学习新的主题,如模块, files, inheritance, recursion, plotting, 搜索和排序算法. 学生将编程技能和知识应用于基本的法医调查, port scanning, 网络分析, 网络安全需要.","title":"Object-Oriented Security Scripting"},{"name":"CYB/140","description":"Computer Network Defense Part 2","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides continued network training on Computer Network Defense. Introduced topics include physical and host security; firewall configuration and management; Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) configuration and management.","title":"Computer Network Defense, Part 2"},{"name":"CYB/150","description":"Computer Network Defense Part 3","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides continued network training on Computer Network Defense. Introduced topics include physical security, designing and implementing network security policies, network incident response and management, network backup and disaster recovery, 还有无线防御.","title":"Computer Network Defense, Part 3"},{"name":"CYB/225","description":"Linux Fundamentals","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"这是一门关于Linux的入门课程,提供了足够的主题命令,以满足渗透测试的初始需求.","title":"Linux Fundamentals"},{"name":"CYB/227","description":"Sniffing and Network Analysis","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"本课程通过使用网络协议分析器嗅探数据包来开发网络分析的基本技能.","title":"Sniffing and Network Analysis"},{"name":"CYB/229","description":"Ethical Hacking Part 1","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides training on penetration testing. Introduced topics include Introduction to Ethical Hacking, 足迹及侦察, 扫描网络, Enumeration, System Hacking, 恶意软件威胁.","title":"Ethical Hacking Part 1"},{"name":"CYB/231","description":"Ethical Hacking Part 2","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides training on penetration testing. 介绍的主题包括嗅探, 社会工程, 拒绝服务, 会话劫持, 黑客的网路, evading IDS, firewalls, and honeypots.","title":"Ethical Hacking Part 2"},{"name":"CYB/233","description":"Ethical Hacking Part 3","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"This course provides training on penetration testing. Introduced topics include SQL injection attacks, 入侵web应用程序, wireless networks, mobile platforms, 操作技术, 物联网, 云平台, 以及密码学基础.","title":"Ethical Hacking Part 3"},{"name":"CYB/235","description":"Project Ethical Hacking","credits":"3","mrktDesc":"这个应用道德黑客项目结合并演示了从网络分析师防御证书中前面五门课程中获得的知识和技能.","title":"Project Ethical Hacking"}],"defaultElectiveCourseList":null,"additionalCategories":[{"description":"Elective courses allow you to learn about topics you’re interested in, whether they’re related to your degree or not. 这意味着你将拥有一个独特的学位,适合你和你的教育目标.","title":"选修课程"}],"showDatesCopy":"false","hideCourseDetailsLinks":"false","courseDetailsColor":null,"skillMappedProgram":"false","skillLink":null,"enableDateLookahead":"false","defaultGenEdCategoryDescription":"These courses lay the foundation for all our degree programs. 因为沟通, 数学和写作技能不仅在IT行业普遍适用,在日常生活中也很有用.","defaultCoreCategoryDescription":"Here’s where you’ll pick up the bulk of your program-specific knowledge. 在你完成这些课程的时候, you should have the confidence and skills to succeed in an IT environment.","defaultElectiveCategoryDescription":null,"overrideGeneralHeadingFlag":"true","generalHeading":"9门通识教育课程","overrideCoreHeadingFlag":"true","coreHeading":"7 Core courses","overrideElectiveHeadingFlag":"true","electiveHeading":null,"overrideGeneralDescriptionFlag":"true","generalDescription":"These courses lay the foundation for all our degree programs. 因为沟通, 数学和写作技能不仅在IT行业普遍适用,在日常生活中也很有用.","overrideCoreDescriptionFlag":"true","coreDescription":"Here’s where you’ll pick up the bulk of your program-specific knowledge. 在你完成这些课程的时候, you should have the confidence and skills to succeed in an IT environment.","overrideElectiveDescriptionFlag":"true","electiveDescription":null}'>


Attend class whenever it fits your life, day or night because our online classroom is available 24/7/365. 你的学术顾问将帮助你安排网络安全副学士的课程.



Topics covered in this degree include:

  • 具体学科知识
  • 清晰和批判性的推理
  • 口头和书面交流
  • Effective access and use of information
  • Working effectively in diverse groups and teams
  • Explaining and applying information security concepts
  • Describing and explaining fundamentals of networking

Careers & Outcomes

Careers & Outcomes

What can you do with an Associate of Science in Cybersecurity?


  • 信息安全分析师
  • 信息安全专家


According to the 劳工统计局在美国,计算机和信息技术职业的就业增长预计将是 比平均速度快得多 在2021年到2031年之间.








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We don’t know what the field is going to look like three years from now. We just know the threats are growing exponentially. We have to prepare the workforce to be prepared to take on those threats.

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